the hardest (or easiest) part of any storytelling project

This is, of course, the matter of the title.  Maybe one of every five or six stories I write come with an excellent title attached to the original idea. (Night Patrol on Mystery Hill, I am talking about you.  Also Still Dancing at Midnight.)  The rest of them pretty much automatically cause one or more sleepless nights as they generate long lists of possible titles, each of which sounds stupider than the last. *

I’ve chosen the title of my latest minicomic as the least stupid of the possible options.  I have designed the front cover and done most of the art, and also typeset the indicia so there’s no going back now.  Stand by for The First Flight of the MoonBat!  (To read the first version of the story, including the really awful original title, start here.)

*Kekionga itself (meaning the series) never did get a title of its own. It was Home of the Brave for a while, and Blackberry Town, and Foursquare Adventures, and Salt County Serenade.  I couldn’t decide, and I finally decided to start calling it plain “Kekionga” after the one thing all the stories have in common, which is the setting.  It’s still temporary, and I entertain fantasies of coming up with the perfect title, even though it’s far too late to reasonably change it.  But when have you ever known me to be reasonable?


This is the point where one envies commercial writers

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