american squares

Vegetables are very photogenic.  While I was waiting in line at the butcher shop today, I took some photographs at the produce tables. (It’s a great butcher shop: while the focus is on the fresh meat and deli stuff, you can get everything you need to turn your meat into a great meal– bread, wine, prepared salads, basic fruits and vegetables, and ice cream.)

Here are two square crops of familiar veggies that are native to the New World:  have some American squares.

american square-potato-blogamerican square-pepper2-blogPotatoes grown deep in the earth, bell peppers ripened in the bright sun … (Peppers are always some of my favorite subjects.)

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2 Responses to american squares

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    I can see your photo of the peppers becoming a nice oil painting. Or maybe a watercolor. Nice composition!

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Better an oil or acrylic painting than a watercolor–that’s an unforgiving medium that I’ve never understood. When it comes to real world color, I’ll take a photograph any day. As it were.

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