more things that annoy werewolves

Things that Annoy Werewolves: Insults to their Grandparenting Skills.grandma-crop-blogThe Professor got into a bit of a wolfy snit over this addition to the  the Bulletin Board of Doom and Bad Photoshopping  outside the Top Secret Breakroom.  “As if!” he sputtered. “As if any she-wolf would babysit her human grandchildren* if she hadn’t had her shots!  Do these drug companies think we have no family feeling?  Prejudice! Prejudice and stereotypes!”

Iowa went and kicked Suki in the shins– it was one thing to collect images of werewolves in popular culture and post them around to twit Iowa’s boss, but this was really sort of insulting.


Suki, as always, was inclined to stand on her right to self expression as an independent artist and leave the political stuff to other people, but she agreed to replace her tasteful crop with an image of the full poster.  Context is important.  Iowa added a comment reminding everyone, whatever their shape(s), to think about getting a tetanus-whooping cough-diptheria** booster,  even if the ad is a bit speciesist.

*We know this lady’s grandchild is a baseline human because he or she is a baby in human form.  A werewolf child at that level of maturity would be unable to transform.

** I had mine last summer when I got bitten by the cat.

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2 Responses to more things that annoy werewolves

  1. I can tell I’m going to enjoy your blog 🙂

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Thank you, and welcome aboard! Lots of weird stuff here, and I try to add something every day.

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