home from space

No, not outer space– SPACE, as in the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, that dandy convention put on annually in Columbus, Ohio by Bob Corby and a cast of dedicated workers. Bob outdid himself this year, coming up with a date and a venue at the last moment and still giving us a great weekend.

One of my goals this year was to take some good photographs of the great cartoonists who give us those small press comics we know and love.  Right here in my phone I found this shot of my friend and mentor Matt Feazell, creator of the Amazing Cynicalman and absolute master of the stick figure.


Twenty five years ago this month, in July of 1988, Matt showed me the first minicomics I ever saw, and taught me how to make them.   As you see, we are both still at it.

Thank you, Matt.

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5 Responses to home from space

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Bravo to both you oldtimers!

  2. Tom Cherry says:

    I regret not going to SPACE this year (Or last year and the year before) and soaking up all of that small press goodness. Hope you had a wonderful time, Pam!

  3. matt feazell says:

    Thank you! A rare good photo of me where I not making a face.

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