snit, page 3

Here he is!


Wonder when I wrote this?

(Comments get more pages!)

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3 Responses to snit, page 3

  1. seakingdom says:

    Yeah, I’m with Sydney on Pluto’s status.

    Also, canary yellow paper might be closer to the color of real goldenrod.

  2. seakingdom says:

    Hmm, just noticed that his shoes have come untied. Such is the force of his displeasure!

    (he’s not going to Hulk out, is he?)

    • Pam Bliss says:

      I think you’re right on the canary idea. Of course, canary yellow paper is actually the color of a canary, so changing it would only add to the confusion.

      As for “Hulking out”, you know by now that he already has. Syd’s Snit form is a little over six feet tall. And Syd’s shoes are always untied, which I did not know until I was drawing this page.

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