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Since The Goldenrod Snit  established Sydney Van Cleef, (affectionately known as Syd) as a canon member of the Kekionga cast, I decided last weekend to draw a sort-of-official portrait of him as my drawing of the day.  I don’t have real model sheets for any of my characters, but there are definitely drawings that look exactly right, and I think this is one of them.  Syd’s costume was sort of defined by what I drew him wearing in Snit: a baggy white T-shirt, a black vest with several fannish buttons on it (the big one is Rick’s Merry Marvel Marching Society button that he knows I sort of covet), cargo shorts and the standard Kekionga high top sneakers, usually untied.  In winter add an M45 field jacket, long pants and a striped Tom Baker scarf.

Since I drew this at the table at SPACE, this turned out to be Syd at a con, which is one of his native habitats. You can tell it’s Con! Syd because he’s wearing a fan T-shirt and carrying something I really wish existed: a mini long box for the new additions to his minicomics collection.

And of course, when you draw at a table with your phone in your pocket, it’s easy to document a work in progress.  So here is Syd photographed in pencil and at the waiting-for-the brushwork-to-dry-phase, and then a scan of the finished drawing.syd-finished Look ahead to more stories with Syd, the nerdy little guy with the great big opinions, as a loyal member of the supporting cast.  His dating adventures alone will be worth a subplot or two.

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2 Responses to more! syd

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    I wholeheartedly approve of Syd and look forward to his future appearances!

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    He’s already in the script of a comic called “Blue Something”, and I’m definitely going to write him into more stories–he fits in anywhere we see Iowa and her friends, and in any story set near the University.

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