portrait of a (flying) junkyard rat

Among my convention table toys is a rubber squeaky rat I got at the dollar store one Halloween.  The plan is to fit him with wings and make him into a flying junkyard rat like the ones in Kekionga.  This is the kind of crafty project that has true nightmare potential, and I’ve never figured out a solution that doesn’t involve razor blades, glue, or both.  And who needs that?


So, rubber squeaky rat.  But in the drawing of the day sketchbook, any rat can be a flying junkyard rat. 

The flying rats are the heroes of the rat people, born into normal rat litters and carrying the flag for all of the intelligence, cunning, and flexibility that make the rat one of the multiverse’s great survivors. To be a flying junkyard rat, chosen to guard the secrets of a great esoteric junkyard (like Bud’s Kekionga Salvage) is the highest of ratty honors.

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4 Responses to portrait of a (flying) junkyard rat

  1. Sean K. says:

    “Nightmare potential” meaning that the result would induce nightmares in observers, or that the process of crafting a flying rat would be a nightmare to execute?

    • Pam Bliss says:

      I was thinking of the latter. I am OK at drawing and even painting occasionally, and I can cook, but I’m all thumbs when it comes to crafty stuff. Glue all over everything!

      But I agree that someone who is not crazy about rats wouldn’t want to think too hard about a flying one. Just remember that the flying junkyard rats are Good Guys.

  2. Tom Cherry says:

    ” I’ve never figured out a solution that doesn’t involve razor blades, glue, or both. And who needs that?” That made me laugh out loud. And I absolutely agree.

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