dire floorgi

After a walk on a hot day, there’s nothing better than to flop down on your belly on the cool kitchen floor in an air conditioned house.  Keen observers will notice this is not my house, but a dire corgi does not care about trivia like that.  All floors are his floors.floorgi1-blog floorgi2-blogI made these little squares on my phone camera.  As always in this particular house, the white balance was way off, so a quick conversion to monochrome was needed.    One was processed with the “Pluto” cool grey filter pack in Android Photos, the other in the “Eris”pack of sepias and warm greys. I don’t claim to completely understand the photographic process these filters are supposed to mimic– I just messed with the sliders until I liked the results.  You can overthink these things.  Especially on a hot day.

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