the twins/tutor series


“The twins with their new tutor, in the lab, with Abacus, Boiling Henry and the Thing.”

As we restart the weekly “Best of the Drawing of the Day” feature, here is the latest outing in the Twins/Tutor series, which has turned up periodically since the second or third sketchbook in the project. As always, click on the image to see the full sized version.

The inspiration for the series, as far as I remember, was a simple pencil drawing of two children and an adult, wearing clothes that looked vaguely Victorian or Edwardian.  I flashed on a book that I have (Country House Camera by Christopher Simon Sykes), full of photographs of daily life in Victorian and Edwardian country houses, taken by amateur photographers, primarily women.  These people weren’t photographing pretentious upper class life or making some kind of social comment, they were shooting their friends and family members, having fun, going about their business, and hanging out.

So the children in the drawing, who seemed to be about the same age, became the twins, the adult became their new tutor, the set became the garden, and some object in the scene (I don’t remember now what it was) was added to the caption to finish it off.   The unnamed photographer, or the person adding  the picture to the family album, was almost certainly the kids’ loving, though possibly deranged, mom.  In the following years I’ve made at least a dozen of these drawings, with the characters getting crazier and the situations getting even more absurd while the standard form of the caption remains unchanged.

So the latest installment features a pair of patchwork twins, a young mad scientist (mad graduate student?) as the tutor, being photographed in the lab with Abacus (the longcat), Boiling Henry (in the flask), and the Thing (under the table).  When I do a finished version of this drawing, and I almost certainly will, I promise I will draw some proper lab equipment.

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