best of the drawing of the day- teen team

drawingoftheday-newnumber1-teenteamYou know how you can be messing around in your sketchbook, drawing a perfectly ordinary mixed group of teenagers of various species and body configurations, and then the clothes get a little bit out of hand so you end up with a team of teen superheroes? It happens to me all the time.

This unplanned team actually turned out pretty well.  It’s interestingly balanced if you assume The Hoodie is a brick with super camouflage, Twister is a speedster with wind effects,  and Bellona a knowledge-based heroine with major strategic planning skills and powers deriving from some kind of super weapon or super gadget.  Fenris (and or The White Wolf)  is the wild card– shape changing can be part of a bewildering variety of backgrounds and skill sets.  Oh, and I think Fenris’ human form is a person who doesn’t identify with a particular gender.  This would be interesting to explore in the series major setting, which is of course high school.  Maybe high school in another dimension.

Sketchbook world is a fun place, particularly if you have one of the Good Sketchbooks.  My brief flirtation with the no brand generic sketchbooks is over– I’ve decided the ones with the good paper are definitely worth it, particularly when it comes to getting a great line with the skritchy scratchy pen.  Thanks to a generous patron who donated a spectacular constellation of internet coupons, I now have enough Good Sketchbooks in my cache to last for several years.  The Drawing of the Day will continue.

Keen eyed followers will notice that I’ve stopped burdening the drawing of the day posts with a week number.  This was a hassle to keep accurate, and I just felt it had run its course.  Don’t worry– Best of the Drawing of the Day will remain a weekly feature (more or less), appearing every Thursday or Friday (mostly).

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