more phone camera butterflies

Welcome to my new project.  I wasn’t going to take up trying to photograph butterflies on flowers with a phone camera.   Nothing could be more ridiculous: a wide angle prime on a small camera with terrible ergonomics is hardly the gear of choice for bug hunting.  But here’s the second set of phone camera butterflies in a week, and two interesting results means a project, right?




Tiger swallowtail on what I think is some kind of lantana. The first two are simple cropped-to-squares, the third is a revision of the second, cropped more tightly,  with bluish filter applied and some vignetting added.

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3 Responses to more phone camera butterflies

  1. Pam Bliss says:

    Thank you. But remember that photographing flowers and butterflies, separately or together, is kinda cheating. When you have subjects that are generally accepted as being beautiful it gives your images a built in advantage!

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