it’s eyeball twisting time again


Time to get new glasses and twist my astigmatic eyes back into position.  That means, among other things, that my studio glasses are in the shop getting new lenses put in, so heavy work at the desktop is going to be problematic at best for a week or so. There will still be the blog, and I am planning something special for next week, so fun will still be had by all. 

(Photo is of a high tech gadget at my eye doctor’s new practice, which enables you to wear sample lenses of your new correction and walk around the office to test the effect.  The device has its own effect, which is to produce serious levels of laughter in those who work there and anyone who is hanging around waiting for their appointment.  I wanted to have my new glasses made up in this frame since it’s a great look for me, but it was told it would be prohibitively expensive.)

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4 Responses to it’s eyeball twisting time again

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Get Thee to a couple good sized comic shows.

    I’ve chatted with some of the steampunk folks recently, and have watched a couple artificers at work…at the shows yet.

    I’m confident the woman I met at the Grand Rapids show a month or so ago could put something together for you with a killer look not unlike your pictured frames, and for not that much money.

  2. Sean K. says:

    And regardless of whether you get your own eyewear that looks like these, perhaps this photo could be the inspiration for a high-tech goggle-wearing character in Kekionga.

    Also, hearing Chubby Checker in my head…

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