anatomy of a drawing of the day: first inks

As you saw in the previous post, a typical drawing of the day like the one we’re analyzing here is pretty much an automatic drawing.  The first rough was random shapes that suggest figures, the second a drawing that established their poses and positions.  It’s in the inks that the figures become characters with costumes and personalities, as well as the owners of such such trivial details as gender and species.


In sketchbook world, there are plenty of people who aren’t precisely human, though all the bipedal folks in this particular drawing the cast seem to be.  The cast ended up as three baseline humans, a dog and a Horrible Creature.  Pretty standard, really.

The first image is the preliminary inks, the second the same with the large blacks spotted in with a brush.  This really helps to balance the composition. It’s at this point that I leave most of these drawings to stand overnight to dry solidly.


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