anatomy of a drawing of the day: finished

IMG_20150811_143050~2Here’s the finished drawing.  I never put a title on it (there’s not really a good space to letter it in), but I think of it as “The Lifeguard Stand”.  Because no matter how much upholstery I put on it, that’s what it is.

If you compare this version with the one in the last post, you’ll see a lot of small changes: clearing of the whites on the Horrible Creature’s back and the dog’s tail, revisions to the eyes of the figure who is either singing or praying– I also fixed the lettering on his/her sweatshirt and added some details to his her shoes– and some changes to the woman on the lifeguard stand herself, including stripes on her shirt to make the Horrible Creature’s tail stand out a bit.

Some people will say that ghe last step should be coming up with a backstory for these people and their pets/companions. Who are they, and what are they doing on this deserted beach, long after swimming season? And some of these drawings do provoke stories.  But just as many of them just exist, moments in time or loose photographs scattered from the random albums of sketchbook world.

Until I get a brilliant idea, or a reader gives me one, The Lifeguard Stand is one of those.

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