a welcome sight

glasses for blog-blogA welcome sight, from left to right: street/general purpose glasses, studio glasses, bifocal shades.  My new prescription has been made up, and I can see again in all three modes.  Plus my street glasses are in an old favorite set of frames I haven’t used in probably ten years.  They fit particularly well and I think this is the third set of lenses I’ve had in them.  Glad to see them back.  In fact, glad to see just about anything at this point.

For me, this means the beginning of a few days of extra eye fatigue as my eyeballs twist back into the optimal shape for clear vision.  For you, this means more big camera photographs, scanned original art and new complete comics on the blog, plus less whining from me about typing posts on the phone keyboard.  I am back at the Ancient XP Computer behind my new studio glasses and even the Ancient ViewSonic Monitor is looking pretty good.

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