unusual find at the farmers’ market: the photos

Judging from the stats (Yes, I’m watching you reading me, but only in terms of raw numbers- I am not tracking you individually by means of some kind of blogging platform software drone.  Really.) the audience is quite interested in my new fountain pen* from the Farmers’ Market.  So am I.  I’ve been playing with it some more and it’s really pretty neat.  Here are a couple of phone camera images– this camera really excels at this kind of “product” shots of objects, although the lighting in this case could be better.

newpen-farmersmarket-both-blogFirst, the pen as a whole, showing its long body and non posting cap. If you’re not a pen person, this means that the cap does not fit onto the end of the body and you have to find something to do with it when you are working.  Luckily there is a pocket clip, beautifully fitted, so you can use your pocket.  Or if you, like me, already have a few non posting pens, you probably already have a place you always keep the cap.  It’s actually good that this pen doesn’t post because it balances well just the way it is and putting the cap at the end of that long body would probably make it end-heavy.

newpen-farmersmarket-nib-blogAnd a tight closeup showing the F nib (including Ebony Green ink smears) and the marbled resin of the cap and body that resembles bits of mother of pearl floating in a matrix.  I’ll admit that this resin was just catnip to me, with its resemblance to the complex patterns of the celluloid bodies of those great classic pens that I admire but can’t afford.

In addition to details about the pen, this photograph also reveals that my artistic backdrop is actually an old T-shirt with dog hair on it, but such revelations are hardly unusual around here.

*Samples and story yesterday, just scroll down. Pen made by David Tipton of A&D Penworx at adpenworx.com.  (The last should have been in yesterday’s post.  Sorry.  I temporarily misplaced Mr. Tipton’s card, which turned up this morning in my T-shirt pocket.)

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1 Response to unusual find at the farmers’ market: the photos

  1. Layla Lawlor says:

    That is a very lovely find, indeed!

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