not a hulk-ku

It had to happen: poetry in the voice of the Incredible Hulk has ventured out of the haiku-like limits of the traditional Hulk-ku.

  • Mighty bellow: Where?
  • Where Hulk iPod?!?
  • Where Hulk bossa nova music?
  • Where Hulk podcasts?
  • Where Hulk game Bejeweled Diamond Mine?
  • (Just getting good. Hulk leave on pause.)
  • People say: Where Hulk leave iPod?
  • Where he see last?
  • (Where music, podcasts, shiny game Bejeweled? )
  • Much smash! Everything wet! 
  • Hulk hands dirty. Dirty with wet dirt.
  • Hulk put iPod somewhere safe. 
  • Hulk put iPod on windowsill in kitchen!
  • Hulk go kitchen.
  • Hulk iPod on windowsill.
  • Hulk feel silly.
  • Never mind.
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