drawing of the day– poison ivy and baseball

drawingoftheday-newnumbers-magicalitemsWait.  This drawing of three young girls, maybe sisters (or cousins, like you meet in so many old children’s stories), with their “Magical Items” seems to have nothing to do with either everyone’s least favorite horrible-rash-inducing plant and/or our national pastime.

Except that I do have poison ivy, fairly badly, on my arms and a bit on my fingers and one place on my chin which is just driving me crazy, and I was so fed up with being encrusted with calamine lotion and still itching after about three days of misery that I ended up watching an entire baseball game this afternoon. And so I didn’t feel that I was entirely wasting my time, while I watched I put a lot more ink on this, yesterday’s drawing of the day for all kinds of special effects. You’ve got tweed, you’ve got pleats, you’ve got decorative brushwork.  And you have the dress of the oldest girl, the one standing on her tiptoes on top of the Magic Trunk, which was originally a fairly elaborate floral print.  Which I decided looked too American so I whited it out and replaced it with a nice tartan frock with white cuffs and collar, ever so popular in the vaguely Victorian/Edwardian dreamscape that makes up so much of sketchbook world.

The girls are inked primarily with the scritchy-scratchy pen, while the Magic is inked with a brush, because Magic.  The Cubs beat the Indians 2-1 on a walk off home run after an extended pitcher’s duel.

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2 Responses to drawing of the day– poison ivy and baseball

  1. Kim says:

    Pam, I feel your poison ivy pain! I’m currently enduring my second case of the summer and trying to figure out how in the hell I got it in my belly button! It’s on my hands, wrists, and arms as well. The first case (on my left leg) was so bad it prevented me from attending S.P.A.C.E. My husband says I can’t garden anymore until I buy a hazmat suit.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Oh, Kim, that sounds awful. I feel bad about complaining about my poison ivy when you are obviously one of those people who are hypersensitive to it and get it really bad. My husband is the same, which is why I was cleaning out the infestation–I’m not hypersensitive and I took one for the team. I was careful and kept it minimized– I might not have gotten more than a few touches if I hadn’t been too stubborn to wear long sleeves tucked into gloves in the middle of summer.

    Missed you at SPACE– stupid poison ivy.

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