farmers’ market find– ebony green 1

Some finished sketchbook drawings from the new farmers’ market pen.  farmersmarket-ebonblack1-blogYou may recall that this interesting pen (introduced here, with photographs in the following post) came with a sample cartridge of Private Reserve brand Ebony Green ink.  Now, I don’t usually use colored ink.  It’s not because I don’t like it– I actually do, rather, and this green is dark enough to be satisfyingly subtle.  It’s a lot of fun to draw with. I know there’s a purple as well and let me tell you that if there is an Ebony Crimson I would probably be all over it.

farmersmarket-ebonyblack3But as you see here, colored inks present a problem when it comes to reproduction.  Compare these scans to any of my usual scanned drawings and you’ll see that they’re murky and a bit of a mess.  That’s because they’re in full color and all the little tricks I normally use to clean up my scans by making them pure monochrome won’t work. farmersmarket-ebonyblack2-blogYou can see the other major problem with colored inks in this third drawing– the little circles are the dreaded sneeze marks. Colored fountain pen inks are usually intensely water soluble and the slightest drop of moisture makes them spot or smear.  If the ink was black, it would be a moment’s work to hit each of these spots with a bit of correction fluid and run some bits of line though the resulting void with a small marker, but matching a colored ink with a marker ink is almost impossible to do.  And I’m so clumsy that I can’t go further than a sketch without a way to fix the errors and mishaps that follow me everywhere I go.

But I’m not going to waste a cartridge of interesting ink.  What happened next will be revealed  in tomorrow’s post.

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