september story time is coming

september japanese lantern-blogIt’s September at last: time to start the story project I’ve been planning.  I’m going to write a prose story here on the blog, with the goal of finishing it by the end of September. It’s a Kekionga story featuring many, if not all, of the usual suspects. I know the basic outline of what is going to happen, but a lot of the details, structure, and narrative techniques are up in the air.  I’m going to try to write it in real time, in the installments you see, and let the events in each bit influence what happens next.  So your comments may affect the course of the story.  You never know.  There will probably be illustrations, too.

The September story won’t update every day, although I think there will probably have to be at least two or three installments a week to get the project finished in time.  All the usual blogginess will continue on the other days so there will, as always, be something for everybody.  This is an experiment so if anybody has any ideas about the best way to present fiction on a blog, from length of installments to scheduling, please share the wealth.

To follow the story away from the rest of the blog, click on the FICTION! tag in the tag cloud, or input the title into the search box.  That will work fine.  Once I think of a title. If I don’t, it will appear under its working title, which is fitting for a work in progress.

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