sunday threes: on fire

Another installment in our ongoing series exploring the historical obsession of the world’s matchbox label designers with the number three.   Fire is a logical topic for artwork of this kind. So have three sources of ignition,

faabcf129d3f78cf342cdaeecc4743bband three things you might want to set on fire.
59c46e95c531aac2509c343ff2d80588 1df4aabc30528704b768c46fe4259e94 eb671ce8f7754a88c9a35cff32013276

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2 Responses to sunday threes: on fire

  1. Rick Santman says:

    But, but…doesn’t that mean three on a match? Three flames on the first box, nine, count ’em, NINE items to light.
    Sounds very dangerous to me.
    (Runs away, hides behind sturdy dumpster)

  2. Rick Santman says:

    (Strolls back in)

    Just kidding, folks. I’m not currently at war with anyone, not even a…

    wait for it…

    flame war.

    (Running away for real before Pam tells the Dire Corgi to attack)

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