a matchbox story

Assignment: select an object and fill in the blanks to create a story. Use your knowledge of one of the countries we have studied.

The Invitation filled in by Moose, age 11

I was really surprised when I got an invitation to a diplomatic reception at the Legation of Chile, which is that long skinny country on the outside of South America. When I got there, it was very fancy, with chandeliers and portraits of famous Chileans in history on the walls and everyone was wearing beautiful clothes.

We talked about imports and exports and futbol, and listened to tango music (or is that Argentina?). The buffet was delicious. We had red wine and empanadas. As I was leaving, I took this matchbook as a souvenir. I enjoyed my visit to Chile, and I was surprised to learn that they have a condor on their coat of arms.

chilean matchbook

(I found this image on Pinterest and was inspired to write a weird little story about it. I finished my project in my head while I was cleaning the bathroom.)

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