best of the drawing of the day: geology class

drawingoftheday-newnumber3-geology class

Geology class always goes better when some of your classmates are real rocks.   This girl is sharing an outdoor lecture with a “rock guy” and the classic trio of Kekionga spirit rocks.

Beside the obvious subjects, this drawing is about three of my favorite drawing tools.  I worked really hard to have the inking job illustrate exactly what kinds of lines each tool can make.  Click on the image above to see a larger version and examine the marks of a Pentel Color Brush brush pen with a Tsuba brush head and an ink cartridge that is going dry, a fairly new Lamy Safari fountain pen with an M nib, and in the scritchy scratchy role, the Farmers’ Market pen, with its very fine F nib from India.  Normally, I ink with a finer brush and one pen somewhere between these two in nib size but I’m starting to like this three handed inking method.

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2 Responses to best of the drawing of the day: geology class

  1. Wolfie says:

    “Hey, Professor! You rock!”
    “Yes, I am! What you?”

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