goodbye, trees, goodbye

Today the Tree Man came with his crew to cut down the three enormous ash trees that have been the main feature of the landscape around World Headquarters for much longer than the 25 years we’ve lived here.

IMG_20150917_094925~5These friendly titans, with their millions of annoying pointy seeds and terrifying tendency to drop large branches on our own and surrounding roofs, were lost to a local insect plague, the emerald ash borer.

What will replace them?  Tupelos? Hornbeams?  Copper Beeches?  I’m lobbying for Japanese maples.  But that’s a problem for next spring.  While the Tree Man and his crew load up the logs and shovel up the chips, I’m saying goodbye to my trees.  I think I am going to miss them more than I thought I would.


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5 Responses to goodbye, trees, goodbye

  1. Wolfie says:

    Of course you’ll miss them. They’re living things that you’ve shared space with for a long time. They’re a feature of your landscape. Your house is going to look weird to you when you come home until you get used to it.

    We have a big maple in front of our house that’s been having problems for a couple of years now, not leafing out fully on top any more. I really hope it survives. Our two absolutely colossal oaks, however, (knock wood) continue to thrive.

    I think Japanese maples would look smashing in your yard, especially with the color scheme of World HQ.

    • Pam Bliss says:

      Thanks. You make good points, although I am still surprised by how much I miss the trees, considering I spent most of our life together complaining about them. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.
      Here’s hoping the maple survives– you may want to have it topped, maybe? Oaks are wonderful trees, and if there was a small kind that didn’t drop a million acorns, I would like to have some. Unfortunately, large and acorn producing are sort of the definition of an oak.
      I think the other person involved is coming around to the idea of Japanese maples. And yes, we are thinking of Bloodgoods, for the red and green turning to red in the fall.

  2. Rick Santman says:

    Bad month for trees. Here at Casa Santman we’re having two of our city maples taken down in a couple weeks. There’s one, technically in the neighbor’s yard that overhangs our garage (they’re fine with it) and one next to our deck. Both looking poorly this year, and if either one lets loose we’re going to be crumpled but good. Sigh…. midafternoon shade for the deck is gone. Sigh…

  3. Rick Santman says:

    Got my fingers crossed for three more weeks of not-horrible weather, LOL

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