spider time: post 8

cavegirlbanner-finished color-blogWhile Nina and the snaky boss lady were settling up.  I looked at the banner for the Frozen Cave Girl.  The artist painted her sleeping peacefully in her ice block, holding a spear with a stone point.  It was pretty obvious that she was supposed to be a cave girl, since beside the spear, she had a bone in her hairdo and she was wearing a tiger skin wrapped around her for a dress. Her skirt was short, but not too short, and her hair looked awfully combed for somebody who had been frozen in ice since 10,000 BC.  Solid ice, at that.

The only thing that seemed sort of realistic were her feet.  They were pretty big, bigger than a modern girl would like to admit to, but that made sense. A real cave girl would have had to walk everywhere.  Is this the sort of detail a sideshow operator would think up?

(The best part of the painting was the little cartoon mammoth in the corner. Of course, I’ve seen a real mammoth so I know what they look like.)

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