the second farmers’ market pen

Regular readers and fellow fountain pen buffs may remember that I bought a new fountain pen at the Farmers’ Market earlier this summer.  I’ll admit I was charmed by the shininess of this handsome pen and by the chance to meet the man who made its resin body on a lathe.  But the steel nib, from India, has proved to be a very nice one and the pen is a dream to handle.

While I was shopping for that first pen, I also tried out a second pen with a rather appealing broad nib, this one a Bock from Germany.  In the end, I chose a fine nib on the grounds that I have a fair few pens with larger nibs, but only the Rotring Art Pen EFs on the smallest end.

If you read the posts about the first Farmers’ Market pen, you’ll notice that I decided I like it a lot, and that the posts ended in serious thoughts about contacting David Tipton (of about getting a second pen to match, except for color, with that Bock nib.

Well, I did.  Pictures tomorrow of this good looking pen (it’s green!), but handsome is as handsome does, so let’s start with some samples.  As before, this pen came with a free cartridge of ink for testing purposes; I sentimentally chose the same Ebony Green.  It’s amazing how much more quickly an ink cartridge runs out through a broad nib than through a fine one, so there is some black ink on each page as well.  Click on each image and you can see it.

greenfarmersmarketpen-test1-bloggreenfarmersmarketpen-test2-blogAnd if you study the second page carefully, you may be able to guess at least one of the TV shows I was watching while I doodled.

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