sunday threes on monday– buckeye triplets

triplebuckeye-closed shell-color-blogWhat better group of three for the last week in September than the not-so-rare but still beloved “triple buckeye”.? Buckeyes are the fruit of a certain variety of American horse chestnut and the symbol/mascot of my home state of Ohio.  They usually come one to a husk; doubles are fairly common, and every once in a while you come across an extra large husk with three nice buckeyes in it.  Triples are extra good luck, or so we always believed as kids. tripletbuckeye-inshell-color-blog

My gardener friend has a young buckeye tree, the only one in our Indiana neighborhood, and it is already producing some pretty solid crops.  In ten years, if we’re all still here, there will be hundreds of buckeyes.  These three will go into my bookbags for this year’s good luck.  Happy fall.


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