the new double garage: days 3, 4 and 5

We missed days three and four of the work on the new double garage.  So sue us.  We went on a long scheduled car club trip to exotic New Albany, Indiana (with side trips to even more exotic Louisville Kentucky), and I took a lot of pictures of things other than the process of building a garage and also wrote another hunk of “Spider Time” which I will post starting tomorrow.

new garage-day3-4-blog -And when we got back, we found that the garage is now fully enclosed on the gable ends, sided on three sides with cream colored siding that does not match the house, and has a passenger door with a deadbolt lock.  Not that that counts for much with no overhead door in the big space left for it, but the idea is sound.

new garage-day 5-morning-blogThen, this morning, in the glorious trumpet of sunrise, or at least some world class lens flare, the roofers arrived in a shadowy van.

new garage-day5-roof-blog

By late this afternoon, the new double garage had a proper roof, shingled in Weathered Wood shades of brown and grey.  I hope everyone thinks this is tasteful, because there are not a lot of color choices in Menards “let’s not go overboard on this; it’s just a garage” range of shingles.


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