spider time, post 17

The kids are surprised by the sudden appearance of Foursquare, Kekionga’s homegrown superhero.

Sometimes things are easier with a grownup around. At least, it’s easier if that grownup is Foursquare.  Superheroes are a lot like kids, really, the way they care more about right and wrong than they do about doing what grownups are supposed to do. 

Foursquare agreed with us that the Frozen Cave Girl seemed to be alive in there, in her ice block, and that what we’d done was definitely a rescue, not a theft.  (Not that he’s a cop or anything official, but it made us feel better.)  He listened respectfully to our plans for what to do next, and agreed with that too.

It was Nina’s idea at first, based on how her mom and grandmother got the turkey ready for Thanksgiving dinner.  When you get a big turkey and it’s frozen solid, you thaw it in the sink in cold water.  If the water’s moving, it goes even faster.  Have you ever put an ice cube under the tap? It melts almost instantly, even if the water is cold.  Of course, it would be huge waste of water to thaw a whole turkey with the faucet running.  But then Pounce pointed out that the creek was always running anyway.

We were planning to thaw the Frozen Cave Girl in the creek down by the Fort. We were already more than halfway there, but the sky was distinctly grey now and we were starting to see colors. (Foursquare was wearing a red T-shirt under his hoodie.)  Time was running out.  It was easy to let Foursquare take charge.

He was pretty efficient.  He sent Nina, Lee, Murphy and me home right away before we’d be missed.  (Not that we went, not until we heard the whole thing.)  Then he decided that Mr. Spit to run on ahead to make sure everything was quiet around the Fort and clear a big enough space in the creek for the ice block in a place that was under some kind of cover,  since there was no guarantee Foursquare would be able to stick around and use his Overcast on her all day.

Then Foursquare would carry the Frozen Cave Girl, block and all, wrapped in the rug (he’s super strong, of course) and Pounce would guide him to the Fort. Even though it is a top secret location we trusted Foursquare.  If you can’t trust a hero, who can you trust?

(Of course, we also know the location of his Secret Headquarters, so it’d be a standoff anyway . But that’s another story.)

Lee, Murphy and me would come straight back to the Fort as soon as we’d let our families get a look at us. (Murphy would try to change his clothes first).  We’d bring breakfast for everyone else and probably lunch, too.  Nobody knew how long the Frozen Cave Girl would take to thaw.

Nina would go to French camp because she had to, but try to get out of her piano lesson (if she could think of a way to do it wouldn’t make her parents suspicious) so she could join us in the middle of the afternoon.  Hopefully she wouldn’t miss the big event.

Because, really, we’d been thinking so hard about how to get the Frozen Cave Girl out of the sideshow and out of the ice, that it was only now that we were starting to wonder what would happen when she was out.

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