the world’s least competent wildlife photographer: part 1

Not wanting to start off a post with a bunch of technical stuff of no interest to anyone other than my fellow camera geeks,  let’s just say I have purchased a new lens. (I got it on sale for an irresistible price.)  It is a long zoom lens, a telephoto, and it’s really the only lens for my camera system in between the “kit lenses” you get more or less free with the camera and serious wildlife lenses that cost a fortune.  Anything better would be wasted on me, even if I could afford it, because I am the world’s least competent wildlife photographer.

I started breaking in my new gear today by stalking some wily prey at a local feeding ground– our next door neighbors’ bird feeder.


Oops.  Bye-bye.

flyaway2-blogCatch you on the flip side.


Write when you get work.

This is even harder than I thought.  But with a little bit of practice, I did manage to get an image of a tufted titmouse


and one of a nuthatch


that I quite liked.  Both are cropped– one of the good things about using a large sensor camera is that you can take quite deep crops without losing sharpness.

The lens definitely functions properly, but the photographer needs work.

(For the photo geeks, Pentax K-5iis with the DA 55-300mm f4-5.6 WR zoom,  most shots 1/640 at f/6.3. ISO between 800-1600.)

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