matchbox label casting call

0ed20a86d145992702f9aa735f74742eBored with your characters, or just want some fresh faces for a new adventure?  Those amazing matchbox labels rush to the rescue with a new complete cast. That’s Motor Girl, almost certainly our heroine –she’s definitely protagonist material.

2ea47f0d4509626557f0e16abe626444The Maharajah.

b7bf582cb9150f5b2b1ac44f260bb3baAnd the Major.  Are they long lost brothers?

13ce651ca1f34022d49160a67a8549bfA bird is always fine.

b4a9f5f5d51e65bf0ad6248c47446108The mysterious Japanese Lady,

5f631e31cac44acc786602b20b5d7c72And Billy. Can’t forget about Billy.

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