best of the drawing of the day: saint with a wooden box

drawingoftheday-newnumber7-saintboxThe word “saint” in the Knotted Rope universe has evolved into a general term for any iconic being who is generally revered but isn’t actually a god.  Godlings, cultural heroes, legendary figures, folkloric entities and of course actual saints as defined by more organized religions can all fall into this cheerfully general category.

Of course this story trope is a blessing (ha ha) for the sketchbook keeper, who can easily identify any strange looking, vaguely inhuman character who looks even slightly benevolent as a drawing of a saint.  If he or she is carrying an object that looks like it might have iconographic significance all the better.

The file name for this image is “saintbox”, which I actually think is a better title than the one on the drawing.  But when a drawing of the day has its own title, one I wrote on it at the time it was drawn, I’ve always taken it as more or less sacred.  Saints know why.

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