Two monochrome versions of a geometric square.  Can you guess what this is and where the photograph was taken?  The answer to the second question is the key to the first.


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9 Responses to geometric

  1. Wolfie says:

    Brain still working on this one…

  2. Rick Santman says:

    Some manner of retainer clip, but I’m hanged if I know from where.

  3. Pam Bliss says:

    Yes, you are on the right track. A piece of this familiar mechanism is missing.

  4. Rick Santman says:

    Door latch set with the handle assembly removed?

  5. Pam Bliss says:

    Correct. It’s the latch of a very particular kind of door.

  6. Meg says:

    Funny no one knew this, it’s to a bathroom stall door.

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