wolf: dire or were (a drawing of the day bonus)

drawingoftheday-newnumber11-wereordireThis started out as a drawing of a person with a dire wolf.  Or, specifically, a person with a Fantasy Dire Wolf.  The Fantasy Dire Wolf has its roots in the Old School Paleontology Dire Wolf, which was a great big awesome monster wolf that lived in the Pleistocene and ate mammoths and mastodons and other megafauna.  We were all lucky the Old School Paleontology Dire Wolf is extinct because it made modern grey and timber wolves look like yappy little Chihuahuas.

Unfortunately, modern paleontology has scaled down the dire wolf, until the current interpretation is just a slightly larger, slightly bigger boned version of a regular wolf.  Some modern paleontologists even speculate that the dire wolf was really a sluggish, blunt toothed carrion eater, preying on the sick and dying and on carcasses abandoned by other, more active predators.  This annoyed fans of the Old School Paleontology Dire Wolf, who wanted there to be a great big awesome monster wolf out there somewhere, even if it was just in the distant past.

So the Fantasy Dire Wolf remains as huge and fierce as its creators want to make it, and it can even be a friend to at least some humans in the story if it makes things more interesting.  Some Fantasy Dire Wolves are big enough to ride.

This one isn’t quite that big, but it’s still moderately huge.  But now that I look at this drawing again, this creature also has the heavy bushy “eyebrows” that define the Knotted Rope werewolf in his or her wolf form.  So maybe it’s a werewolf and not a dire wolf at all.  (If it is, he’s a big guy in his human form.)

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