the gentleman bat

drawingoftheday-newnumber9-gentlemanbatThere are many “gentleman” characters in literature, usually roguish if not actually criminal in nature:  gentleman spies, gentleman pirates, gentleman cat burglars, and so on.  All that’s needed are an appropriate social background (or the ability to fake one) a lightning wit, and a cast iron sense of style. Gentleman adventurers do all kinds of unsavory things when it’s necessary to do them, and they do them both politely and with flair.

This well tailored fellow is definitely a Gentleman Bat. He may no longer be the handsome, carefree younger son of a noble family he was before The Incident. But if he must undertake a new career as a lurker in the shadows, he is determined to lurk elegantly. The cape helps, as does the knee length coat (not shown) that conceals his folded wings.  Other gentleman adventurers share their secrets with their valets or butlers; the Bat’s confidant is his tailor.

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