the new double garage fulfills its function

garage-storage units2-blogThe results of yesterday’s work with White Van Thirteen (scroll down to read about him)  are in the New Double Garage today.  No, we are not setting up a living room for my husband’s little roadster. (Though it will be staying inside over the winter, and so will the couch.)

What you are seeing here is the combined contents of both our storage units– the one we got when we redid the outside of the house a couple summers ago and never quite got around to emptying out, and the one we got when we started the New Double Garage Project earlier this year.  (When you tear down your garage the stuff you keep in it has to go somewhere.)

The trouble with storage units is that they make you figure out that you don’t really need your stuff as much as you think you do.  There are definitely items in this photograph I will be very glad to see again once I get around to unpacking the boxes, but frankly, for a lot of it absence has not made the heart grow fonder.  This is an excellent lesson to learn and storage units across town are fine tools for teaching it, but unfortunately you have to pay for it in the form of rent: every month, month after month, not large sums, but enough to make you feel like you’re bleeding to death from paper cuts.

Now the storage units are empty.  We swept them out, took our locks off the doors and cancelled the contracts, and we can finish learning our lesson on our own time, in our own garage, without having to pay a monthly fee for it.

Never again.  Probably.

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4 Responses to the new double garage fulfills its function

  1. Rick Santman says:

    “Forever and Never are neither for men. You’ll be returning again and again”
    Fritz Leiber, one of the SWORDS books. The books will accumulate, growing like mushrooms in the little-used corners, until you need to shovel out….again and again. It took less than five years for ALL the new built in bookshelves, plus ALL the barrister bookcases, plus ALL the convenient flat spots at Casa Santman, plus a big ol’ chunk of the garage, to fill up to overflowing. With Cat and me both being readers, like Topsy, they just growed and growed.

    • Wolfie says:

      I recently had to face the fact that my house was becoming overstuffed as well. So I made the painful decision and donated about 250 pounds of books. The problem is, even after getting rid of all of that, I don’t seem to have gained any space…

    • Pam Bliss says:

      I guess all you can do is try to keep ahead of it– it’s like shoveling a flood.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    What Wolfie doesn’t know is that there are probably at least two boxes of his stuff in the photograph …

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