flea market people: the sock man

sock man 1-blogThe great flea market at Shipshewana, Indiana, goes on the road over the winter when weather closes down their outdoor venue, visiting fairgrounds and convention centers throughout Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Northeastern Illinois.  We get two visits a year, one in March, and one right before Christmas.

Everything else varies, but we have been buying our socks from the Sock Man at the Christmas visit for years.  Yes, the sign does read “6 pair $5.00”, and they are decent socks, too.  Heavier cotton socks and dress socks may be slightly higher, at 5 pairs or even 4 pairs for $5.00, and my good merino wool winter socks cost the princely sum of $7.00 for 3 pairs.

This year we got:

  • 12 pairs white cotton crew socks with grey heels and toes, sneaker weight (to replace those pinkified in a laundry failure over the summer involving something dyed a non-colorfast maroon)
  • 6 pairs grey cotton crew socks, sneaker weight (for the person who is also wearing dark pink socks this fall)
  • 5 pairs heavy cotton socks, black and white tweed
  • 5 pairs dress socks, black
  • 6 pairs wool winter socks, brown and cream tweed

and a photograph of the Sock Man himself, who was wearing, in addition to his usual ball cap and sunglasses, a very dashing orange sweater.  (I tweaked the image with a deep crop and filter, with the goal of making it look like an illustration in a Midcentury storybook.)

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