on public holiday decorations

christmaswolves-photo4-blogThese photographs were taken last year, when the powers that be in our town in Northwest Indiana decided, for reasons best known to themselves, to decorate the courthouse square with festive holiday topiaries in the shape of hunting dogs on point, slightly larger than life size.

My first thought was that in Kekionga they would definitely be wolves.


(More to come.)

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2 Responses to on public holiday decorations

  1. Layla Lawlor says:

    Those are amazing! I love them. 🙂 I have nothing against the usual sort of holiday decorations, but it’s a very unusual and interesting change!

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Thanks. I really liked them, too, and was really quite sorry not to see them again this year. Luckily, the wonder of photography has done its job. Stay tuned for more on this general subject.

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