a present from grandfather frost

sdznn8chsylcqoyx1b3jIn the days of the old Soviet Union, the Communist government and its cultural apparatus were officially atheistic and opposed to religion in all its forms.  But Christmas, as always, transcended trivialities like government decrees, so the cultural apparatus learned to live with it. They allowed, even encouraged,a festive holiday celebration at the New Year, where the people decorated New Year’s trees and young Soviet citizens received gifts brought by Grandfather Frost and his helper, the beautiful Snow Maiden.

I know all of you exceeded your production goals last year, so Grandfather Frost left me a present to pass along: this lovely photograph of one of the Soviet Union’s most wonderful products.  That’s a Tu-114, photographed in 1961. Check out the amazing Aeroflot spiral airstairs: this splendid aircraft was extremely tall due to the size of its counter rotating propellers.

(See more beautiful airliners in well designed liveries here. Happy New Year!)

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2 Responses to a present from grandfather frost

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Gorgeous. Thank you Grandfather Frost! (And Snow Maiden Pam, of course)

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    You’re very welcome. The Tu-114 is one of my favorite airliners ever.

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