david bowie

A74YMA DAVID BOWIE musician in 1966

There’s really nothing much else to write about today than the oddly shocking death of David Bowie.  There’s nothing deeply personal in this; I was never a huge fan, although I like a lot of his songs from a variety of periods in an “it’s cool to hear them on the radio” kind of way.

But mostly, David Bowie has always been there, and he’s always been cool. All of his changing personas have been interesting, he’s always made good music and had intelligent things to say.  A world without David Bowie will be a different world from the one I’ve always lived in.

tumblr_o0s7327zvW1qll1ero1_1280For someone who wasn’t a big Bowie fan, I found myself in a pretty serious internal argument about what song to include here (“Life on Mars”? “Let’s Dance”? “Young Americans”? ). Or should I embed a video, maybe the one of the astronaut playing “Space Oddity” on the orbital station?

There’s plenty of great Bowie music around today.  Let’s remember his beautiful and very familiar face.


(Sorry, just couldn’t resist adding his entry from my favorite series of pastiche paintings.  I’m sure this must have amused Bowie very much.)

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2 Responses to david bowie

  1. Sean K. says:

    I suppose you’d call me a casual fan. I only have a few albums, but did see him in concert once (1990), and have always enjoyed him.

    It is hard to pick a song, but I note that I’ve had “Ashes to Ashes” going through my head all day.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    That’s a good one too. And “Moonage Daydream”. So many good, familiar songs; he leaves a worthy legacy.

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