strange macro

pinkornament-full-blogMacro color is hard to find in the middle of a January cold snap.  But a friend offered me a chance to practice for summer garden shooting on some objects that are almost as colorful as the flowers, leaves and insects we’re all waiting for: her collection of blown glass holiday ornaments.   I am very relieved to report that all my subjects survived the experience intact.  The background is provided by some house plants.

This little pink and magenta harlequin seems innocent enough in full length three quarters, but she gets a little creepy-clown strange in closeup head on.


(Available light indoors makes for good practice at high ISO macro shooting.  Image 1: 1/100 second at f/4.5, -0.7 EV, ISO 5000, image 2: 1/100 at f/3.5, -o.3 EV, ISO 6400. Pentax D/FA 100mm f/2.8 Macro on Pentax K-5iis.)

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