best of the drawing of the day: irish yeti color special!

irishyeti-lineart-blogYou remember the Irish yeti from yesterday?  Here he is in comics form.  I think the Irish yeti is definitely a thing.  In fact, he is so much of a thing that I couldn’t resist making him into a color thing.  I like his green toenail polish.  I think yetis probably wear a lot of nail polish.


No idea why his pipe seems to have turned into a wooden cooking spoon.  Are there severe restrictions on smoking in the sketchbook world?  That’d be strange since I would think sketchbook world is one of the few places where you’d be safe to smoke whatever you wanted whenever you wanted.  Maybe they are having a dry summer and are worried about wildfires.

(Since this is a vaguely Christmas related drawing, I used the color palette I designed for the Christmas Wolves project.)

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