shopping center coyote

kohls coyoteIn local news:  One of the coyotes that live in the woods behind the new shopping center (I never exactly knew that there were coyotes living in the woods behind the new shopping center, but it doesn’t surprise me a bit that there are)  decided to take a look through Kohl’s yesterday evening.  He made it through the first set of doors and not the second, and the store staff trapped him in the vestibule until the local police and representatives of the Department of Natural Resources came and let him out.  No harm was done to the coyote, any of the humans involved, or the cheap and colorful clothing within, and it was reported that the creature “ran away across the parking lot”.

I am sorry I did not get to see the shopping center coyote adventure, but I have written the coyote a poem:

  • Shopping Center Coyote
  • Coyote, why are you shopping at Kohl’s?
  • Target stocks a much wider range of merchandise,
  • Or Home Depot is right next door if you want something practical.
  • Unless you had one of those “10 dollars off any purchase” cards
  • Kohl’s sends out,
  • And you were looking for a free tie, or a free polo shirt,
  • or some free socks.
  • You’ll need two pairs.


Coyotes are medium sized wild dogs common throughout most of the United States.  They are omnivorous and extremely flexible in their habits, so they thrive in human communities and can be found living in most suburbs and many urban areas as well as in the countryside.

Kohl’s is a “discount department store” featuring inexpensive clothes in current styles, small appliances, and cooking and housewares.  It’s a staple of American suburban shopping centers.  Known for sending out coupons, particularly the famous “10 dollar card”, which you can use, if you shop the clearance racks, to get free clothes.  

Read the full story here.   Image courtesy of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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2 Responses to shopping center coyote

  1. Wolfie says:

    I think a young, absentminded skinwalker just forgot which form he was in and decided to pop in for some socks.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    It’s true that the coyote is one of the most common furs among North American skinwalkers. Forgetting what skin you have on is a common error among the inexperienced and, as you note, the absent minded. Getting caught (and photographed!) while wearing your fur will get you in considerable trouble if you are still under supervision.

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