a very dire composition

dire composition 3-smallersquare-blogThere’s a rule of composition called “the Rule of Thirds”, which decrees that compositions divided into thirds, or which place the subject one third of the way across the frame, are more interesting than those divided in half or which place the subject in the center.  I normally am not a huge fan of this rule of composition, or any other rule, really.  If an image divides up the frame in an interesting way, or presents an interesting pattern of light and dark across the surface, and all the edges are under control and nothing is stuck on or cut off awkwardly, than it’s good enough and let’s get on with saying something about the subject.

But when I was cropping this photograph I noticed that it seemed to divide itself into thirds naturally, so I punched that up in the crop, and hey, there’s the Rule of Thirds.  Of course, you’d still have to decide which is the subject, the dire corgi or the row of bricks the neighborhood kids have colored with chalk.  But it works either way.  It’s a very dire composition.

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