best of the drawing of the day: old friends

drawingoftheday-newnumber15-oldfriends-blogThese two are old friends of the blog, having appeared in at least three  previous Best of the Drawing of the Days* (more than any characters outside the Kekionga canon), and they are certainly old friends of my sketchbook, having occupied their own little corner of my interior landscape for years.  Not only does this drawing suggest that they are growing closer personally, but that as a pair they are drawing closer to that nebulous concept that is fictional reality:this looks an awful lot like a finished character design.  A story is definitely growing around them, and they may be perilously close to getting names.  This is a bit scary, because the story is quite different than anything I’ve worked with before.  Luckily, it does not seem to be in a hurry, so I hope that my courage will grow at the same rate.   Regardless, this may be the last appearance of these two as simply the nameless Angel and Devil of sketchbook world.

*Find them here, and here, and here, along with discussion of their origins, personalities, favorite beverages, and why they bear a passing surface resemblance to some famous characters from other comics.  This resemblance is only skin deep, however, so please do not sue me.

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