my internet idol

f63ce5055b37385d5a7acc36a01dde25This woman is my new internet idol.  I really like her earrings and her hat. The bird is pretty cool as well.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be awesome to befriend a giant eagle and have it like you enough to ride around on your head all day, glaring at photographers and no doubt flexing its mighty talons at anyone who approaches you with any hint of an attitude?  “No pets, you say? What are these ‘pets’ you speak of? I see no pets! I am the Grey Windrider! I go where I will, and if I choose to stand on my friend’s head here in the paint department at Menards, it is no concern of yours. Peasant.”

Yes, you could argue that she has her bird on a leash (or, more properly, on a jess) but there’s no way a mighty streak-feathered force of nature could be restrained by a mere piece of mint green polypropolene clothesline. The eagle is there because it wants to be.

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3 Responses to my internet idol

  1. Wolfie says:

    I saw a thing the other day where police somewhere in Europe (I want to say the Netherlands) are training eagles to hunt and take down quadcopters and other small drones. The idea is that in places where drone flight could be a hazard to the public, the eagles would keep the skies clear. I’d love to see the symbolic warning sign they design for “no drone zone” with a diving eagle attacking a quadcopter silhouette…

  2. Rick Santman says:

    I understand that there’s a 35 mile “NO DRONES” radius around the Superbowl tonight, but I suspect its too late to get enough eagles trained. My best guess is thousands of irate Republicans
    with shotguns.

    • Pam Bliss says:

      I saw that thing to, and while my first response was “cool”, my second was that would be awfully dangerous for the eagle, especially if the drone had carbon fiber props. Much eagle armor would be needed.

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