drawing of the day color special: the wolf in the zen hoodie

drawingoftheday-colorspecial-zenhoodie-blogOK.  It’s becoming pretty clear that I am having a ridiculous amount of fun playing around with adding color to my drawings of the day.  So the Drawing of the Day Color Special is now officially a Thing.  In order to keep from spending an equally ridiculous amount of time having fun with my own personal coloring book, I have decided to put a time limit on each little project– they will be colored in fifteen minutes or less.  Maybe twenty minutes.  A half hour, tops.  (More serious drawing of the day based color projects, like the illustrations for stories like Christmas Wolves and Spider Time,  are of course excluded from these limits.)

Anyway, adding a bit of Carhartt orange to this little brushwork werewolf-in-a-hoodie only took about 17 minutes.  I don’t know where the Zen comes into it, except that getting intensely into inking with a brush always feels a little Zen to me.

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