a few super bowl ads

When it’s the Wednesday after the Super Bowl and there’s no mention here yet of the Super Bowl ads, you know it was a really slow year.  And so it was.  The game was sloppy and fairly dull, and the ads, which generally make watching worth it no matter how mediocre  the sport, seemed oddly low key.

But even in a slack year, there were some highlights.  Heinz’ oddly lyrical “Weiner Stampede”, featuring  dachshunds dressed as hot dogs, was universally popular, and the marketers behind Mexican avocados scored a surprising low budget hit with a colorful and amusing piece of old school science fiction called “Avos in Space”.

But my favorite  was the black and white photo scrapbook from Jeep  called “Portraits”.  Jeep is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year, and I’m expecting a fair amount of tugging-at-the-heartstrings from the corresponding  ad campaign.  If it’s all this good I don’t  think we’re going to mind being tugged.

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