happy cubic valentine’s day

FILE0806-redberriescrop-blogFILE0881-bananascrop-blogHappy Valentine’s Day from the Polaroid Cube toy camera.  Have some red winter berries and some lovely bananas.

There’s a story behind this, one that makes sense, I promise.  Yesterday, I was in Wal-Mart with the Cube in my pocket and I encountered a whole fleet of cheap bouquets of roses in every color of the rosy rainbow.  I had this cool idea that was going to take wide angle closeup shots of the roses and then crop all the wrappings and trappings out, leaving just squares of tightly curled petals in a variety of colors.  I’d arrange them like tiles in a mosaic for a rich looking pattern that would make the roses seem lush and luxurious.

What I wasn’t counting on was the low light affecting the ability of the tiny sensor to get a sharp image in tight closeup. The shots were colorful, but not what you would call good. (See below if you dare) I’ve had some limited success with tight closeup with this camera outdoors, but this was a lesson I won’t forget– don’t try it indoors in low light.  The tastefully arranged bananas from later in the afternoon came out better, so under the “best laid plans” rule, we’ll still celebrate a Cubic holiday with those bananas and a pretty successful shot of some red berries in the park that I shot a couple weeks ago.

The conclusion, if any, is that while planning is essential in many forms of art, photography works best (for me, anyway) if you just let it happen.  Happy berries and bananas.

Some of the out of focus Cubic roses:



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