a rare and exotic placemat sketch!

placematsketchofaprincessridingawolf-blogHey, look! It’s a genuine, drawn-in-the-restaurant placemat sketch.  These used to be fairly frequent parts of many cartoonists’ artistic outputs, but with fewer and fewer restaurants investing in paper placemats in these days of tight budgets and waste awareness, the opportunities to draw them are getting rarer.  Luckily our local Italian restaurant keeps up with the tradition.

On my recent visit I remembered to bring a real drawing pen with me and I drew this Princess Riding a Wolf for you.  The pen is a Pilot brush marker, and her crown is embellished with a bit of whiteout.  That’s how you can tell she’s a Princess.

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4 Responses to a rare and exotic placemat sketch!

  1. Sean K. says:

    In terms of budget, I’ve seen a number of restaurants that sell advertising on their placemats, which I imagine must pay for the cost of producing them and then some.

    This one, though, looks like it’s printed with “…delicious mouth watering specials at Tony’s!”

    • Pam Bliss says:

      You read correctly. No comment on the mouthwateringness of the new specials– we have been going to Tony’s for 30 years (it’s across the street from our first apartment) and I always have one of the same three things I always have. I’m sure they are pretty good, though it’s still funny to think of Tony’s offering such wild culinary innovations as Alfredo sauce, shrimp, and chicken and bacon on pizza. Chicken on pizza? At Tony’s? What is this world coming to?

  2. Wolfie says:

    Meanwhile in Ferndale, we just got a new Italian eatery, paired back-to-back with a real live 24-hour retro diner. They share kitchen space. The Italian joint opens onto main street, the diner opens to the alley in back and has walk-up service in addition to pink booths trimmed with faux fur. Sadly, they do not have paper placemats. Your mentioning the paper placemats makes me realize that, yeah, very few places have them any more. I can’t remember the last time I went to a place with paper placemats. Maybe the last time I visited you?

  3. Pam Bliss says:

    Interesting configuration for a restaurant, but a good way to get full use out of a kitchen. The only places you can regularly trust to have a paper placemat these days are Steak and Shake, most Chinese buffets, and a certain type of Italian restaurant, such as Tony’s or the equally wonderful Venice in Fort Wayne.

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